VARIOUS ARTISTS album African Scream Contest 2

African Scream Contest 2

Genres: Afro-beat
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VARIOUS ARTISTS “African Scream Contest 2”

Finally, a sequel to the legendary African Scream Contest in 2008. Samy Ben Redjeb, who owns the Analog Africa record label, has done another fabulous job in licensing these cuts.  The album compiles vintage Sixties-Seventies Afropop from Benin and Togo – a melting pot of styles mirroring Fela Kuti-style Afrobeat from the east, Nigerian juju and jazzy Ghanian highlife from the west, plus American English funk and rock. The music is propulsive and effervescent with the occasional joyous scream. Not to mention the precise, anthropological detective story of the album’s curation is detailed in a beautifully illustrated booklet/insert which makes buying the music old-fashioned way very worth it.