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I’ll Be Your Girl

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The Decemberists do a very particular thing – self-conscious, literary-minded, darkly ornate and verbose prog-folk-rock – exceedingly well, so well that you can’t blame them for wanting to do branch out something else. They do just that on I’ll Be Your Girl, at least in parts, the upshot being, well, a re-affirmation of that particular thing they do exceedingly well. Colin Meloy’s outfit, The Decemberists, looks past the idea of crossing over and instead decide to “stick closer to what used to be called ‘the left of the dial,’ when there was a dial,” writes Will Hermes. “The highlight may be ‘Rusalka, Rusalka/The Wild Rushes,'” he adds, “a bifurcated 8-minute prog-folk-rock ballad about a moony young lover following a siren’s song to a watery grave. It’s what might be labeled a Decemberists stock-in-trade, with no apologies needed.