Streams of Thought Vol. 1

Genres: Hip-hop
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BLACK THOUGHT “Streams of Thought Vol. 1”

It defies possibility that after nearly 25 solid years in the music industry and legendary status, this solo project is Black Thought’s first. The five-track EP clocks in at just 17 minutes and features guest appearances from RapsodyStyles P, and KIRBY, and is produced entirely by 9th Wonder and The Soul Council. True to the title, he only offers streams of verses that cover politics, history, his own legendary lyrical status and whatever else comes to mind. He doesn’t offer any choruses or hooks either which leaves the focus on Black Thought’s words.

Black Thought spoke with NPR about why he prolonged a solo release in favor of working on music through the Roots.

“It’s always been about the greater good of our organization for me,” the rapper said. “All those solo efforts that I’ve announced, it breathes new life into the awareness of me as an artist. The Roots brand always has to be maintained, and we’re just at a place now where prime-time TV affords us a different sort of visibility and I’m able to kind of take a step back and focus on some of the other creative energy that I still need to get out. None of this is my solo album. It’s just a chance to see me in a different light doing a different thing.”

Check out the tracklist below.

Streams of Thought Vol. 1 tracklist

2. 9th vs. Thought
3. Dostoyevsky (feat. Rapsody)
4. Making a Murderer (feat. Styles P)
5. Thank You (feat. KIRBY)