The Rage

KID CUDI “The Rage”

Kid Cudi is back with a new song “The Rage” sampling Smashing Pumpkins. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from one of our favorites but he’s returned to form and obvious swagger with a new single “The Rage” off the soundtrack for Rampage. The movie stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and he is responsible for this song as the first Kid Cudi release we’ve heard in a while, following up his album “Passion Pain & Demon Slayin'” which heard the rapper return to form, much to our pleasure. The song samples Smashing Pumpkins’ ” “Bullet With Butterfly Wings.” Stream the song below and enjoy!

Do We Have A Problem

Kaytranada “Do We Have A Problem”

Kaytranada has been active lately and has now uploaded a fresh new demo “Do We Have A Problem.” Just in the past couple weeks, he teamed up with MF DOOM co-producing Bishop Nehru’s recent album “Elevators: Act 1” He also recently said he went back to making trap so we can’t wait to hear what that’s like. This new demo brings the signature, smooth Kaytranada vibe we love. Enjoy!

City Life

Rebelution “City Life”

On June 15, Rebelution will release Free Rein, the follow-up to 2016’s Falling Into Place, which received a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album. The group enlisted Don Corleon (Rihanna, Sean Paul) and Winta James (Damian Marley, Chronixx) and others to produce the tracks on Free Rein, which finds the band expanding its sound by drawing in additional rock, jazz and R&B elements. Today we premiere “City Life” (produced by James) from the forthcoming record, which is now available for pre-order. The group’s Eric Rachmany muses that the song “is about the desire to escape the sights and sounds of the city.”

Smack ‘Em

Ghost-Note (feat. Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer) “Smack ‘Em”

Smack ‘Em is exactly what the fans of Ghost-Note are waiting for. This funkym swanky tight funk tune is the first cut off the brand new album “Swagism.” Smack ‘Em is a funk instrumental featuring Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer who performed both on this song and, as well, last nights production of NBC’s live musical spectacular, the groundbreaking rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert,” starring John Legend, Alice Cooper and Sara Bareilles. Ghost-Note is the brain child of Robert Sput Searight and Nate Werth both who hail from the 2x Grammy Winning band, Snarky Puppy. MonoNeon, the experimental bassist is a newly minted member of the band. He is known for his presence on YouTube playing bass guitar and known for being one of the last people to work with Prince .

Ghost-Note’s new album, Swagism, drops 4/20/2018 on Ropeadope / RSVP Records.

“Swagism was recorded in the same way the band developed: start with the base and leave the destination wide open. With a growing cast of players bringing fresh new arrangements of sound, Nate and Sput brought in some friends, further altering the end game. Raja Kassis, Prudence the Auset Sneed, Kamasi Washington, Brandon ‘Taz’ Neiderauer, Nigel Hall, Bob Lanzetti, Alvin Ford Jr, Jay Jennings, Nick Werth, Bobby Ray Sparks, Phil Lassiter and many more added their incredible flourish to the album, rounding out a document that captures the entire Ghost-Note experience, tying everything together in the same way it evolved – as a family, as a multi-cultural band of humans that fully embraces the time they spend together and their common goal, complete with reflection on the times we live in. This is Ghost-Note.”



Paper Diamond Ft. Polina “Downfalls”

He’s back! Today is a good day as we have new music from electronic music trailblazer Paper Diamond! We’ve been fans of Alex B’s Paper Diamond project for years and couldn’t be more excited to be premiering the second taste of his must-hear forthcoming album: his new single “Downfalls” featuring Polina via Fools Gold.

“Sometimes good things take time. I decided to not rush in making this album in an attempt to make something meaningful that I truly enjoyed making, but also listening to. 2018 is the year I finally get to release all the music I’ve been holding on these last couple of years.” – Paper Diamond

It’s been since 2015’s Rain Drop EP that we’ve had the pleasure of hearing new music from Paper Diamond, but this new song was well worth the wait as he follows up his January’s heavy homecoming single “WORK 9000” (described by Billboard as “Godly Bass-Funk.”) The rollout of his anticipated new album comes with a refreshing sound we already can’t get enough of as the celebrated producer and songwriter puts his sound design on full display.

Paper Diamond has always been versatile, and here he shows his ability to blend genres past the point of recognition once again on “Downfalls.” He builds the song up layer by layer, crafting a smooth and lush backdrop paired with impeccable vocal drops, bright melodies and soft horn jabs as he shows off his incredible sound design. Polina’s vocals were the perfect fit for “Downfalls,” which has an irresistible punch to it and has us smashing the replay button instantly. The Polina-featuring “Downfalls” is a window into Paper Diamond’s melodic side, putting his studio versatility on full display and showcasing his artistic progression over the past two years. If you’re not moving or dancing still listening to this, you’re doing something wrong.

In The Zone

Jauz Ft. London Rapper Example “In The Zone”

Few genres intermesh as flawlessly as grime and house music. That’s why when he saw that Jauz had enlisted the vocals of Example, the legendary West London emcee, on his brand new single “In The Zone,” we knew it was going to be a big one.

Jauz may have switched gears for a minute on his recent, experimental single, “Dinner Chat,” but he’s quickly back to his heavy, bass house ways with the release of this brand new heater. “In The Zone” features a hammering bass line that thickens as the song progresses, with Example’s vicious flow guiding it along the way.

This new track by Jauz was just released today via his fresh new imprint Bite This and will be the lead single off of his upcoming album, that is set for release sometime this Summer (Jauz tweeted it would be around the time of EDCLV).

Right Here Right Now

San Holo Ft. Taska Black “Right Here Right Now”

San Holo Sings & Plays Guitar On Impressive New Song “Right Here Right Now” Ft. Taska Black. San Holo’s (otherwise known as Sander van Dijck) continuous transparency with his fans and peers is incredibly respectable. From sharing tutorial videos illustrating how he made his songs to constantly sharing ideas, updates (and plants) via social media, the multi-talented Dutch producer consistently shows that he is not only an incredible artist but just an overall awesome human being. Now, after only a few weeks since announcing that he was working on an album and experimenting with his sound, San has teamed up with Taska Black on a brand new single titled “Right Here, Right Now” that San actually offers his own vocals on.

Although we haven’t heard these two on a track together before now (apart from the bitbird mega collab), seeing as the Dutch and Belgian producers are not only labelmates but live about 90 minutes away from each other, this collab definitely seems way overdue. Starting off slow with some warbling synth chords and some distant whistling, San’s soft vocals slowly float in over some gentle percussion, progressing the song into an emotional drop driven by a booming bass, silky vocal harmonies and some crunchy electric guitar, played by San himself. Check out “Right Here, Right Now” below and enjoy!

Bad Company (feat. BlocBoy JB)

A$AP Rocky (feat. BlocBoy JB) “Bad Company”

A$AP Rocky Shares New Song with Drake Collaborator with BlocBoy JB A$AP Rocky has been “testing” out new songs lately on his SoundCloud and just dropped a new tune on us. The past couple songs were really raw and just didn’t do it for us or many of his fans according to the comments on his uploads. His new song “Bad Company” brings on recent Drake collaborator Memphis based BlocBoy JB and is the latest in the series of loose songs he’s uploaded to SoundCloud.

This one is certainly sounding like more of a complete song than the past couple he’s shared but it still lacks the full punch from what you’d want from a A$AP Rocky album single. He’s been teasing his album for over six months but has recently shared the news that his project is finished. He keeps teasing branding around “testing” but it is unclear if that’s his new project or if he’s literally just testing out new sounds.

Ah Yeah

Shakedown Street Dub (feat Melvin Seals)

They Love Each Other (Hayley Jane)

RIPPLE” (feat. G. Love + Melvin Seal)

Fire On The Mountain [feat. Stephen Marley & Marlon Asher]

No Answer

Bada Bing

Die Hard


Make a Move


Crazy Lately