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Paper Diamond Ft. Polina “Downfalls”

He’s back! Today is a good day as we have new music from electronic music trailblazer Paper Diamond! We’ve been fans of Alex B’s Paper Diamond project for years and couldn’t be more excited to be premiering the second taste of his must-hear forthcoming album: his new single “Downfalls” featuring Polina via Fools Gold.

“Sometimes good things take time. I decided to not rush in making this album in an attempt to make something meaningful that I truly enjoyed making, but also listening to. 2018 is the year I finally get to release all the music I’ve been holding on these last couple of years.” – Paper Diamond

It’s been since 2015’s Rain Drop EP that we’ve had the pleasure of hearing new music from Paper Diamond, but this new song was well worth the wait as he follows up his January’s heavy homecoming single “WORK 9000” (described by Billboard as “Godly Bass-Funk.”) The rollout of his anticipated new album comes with a refreshing sound we already can’t get enough of as the celebrated producer and songwriter puts his sound design on full display.

Paper Diamond has always been versatile, and here he shows his ability to blend genres past the point of recognition once again on “Downfalls.” He builds the song up layer by layer, crafting a smooth and lush backdrop paired with impeccable vocal drops, bright melodies and soft horn jabs as he shows off his incredible sound design. Polina’s vocals were the perfect fit for “Downfalls,” which has an irresistible punch to it and has us smashing the replay button instantly. The Polina-featuring “Downfalls” is a window into Paper Diamond’s melodic side, putting his studio versatility on full display and showcasing his artistic progression over the past two years. If you’re not moving or dancing still listening to this, you’re doing something wrong.

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