Smack ‘Em

Ghost-Note (feat. Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer) “Smack ‘Em”

Smack ‘Em is exactly what the fans of Ghost-Note are waiting for. This funkym swanky tight funk tune is the first cut off the brand new album “Swagism.” Smack ‘Em is a funk instrumental featuring Brandon ‘Taz’ Niederauer who performed both on this song and, as well, last nights production of NBC’s live musical spectacular, the groundbreaking rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert,” starring John Legend, Alice Cooper and Sara Bareilles. Ghost-Note is the brain child of Robert Sput Searight and Nate Werth both who hail from the 2x Grammy Winning band, Snarky Puppy. MonoNeon, the experimental bassist is a newly minted member of the band. He is known for his presence on YouTube playing bass guitar and known for being one of the last people to work with Prince .

Ghost-Note’s new album, Swagism, drops 4/20/2018 on Ropeadope / RSVP Records.

“Swagism was recorded in the same way the band developed: start with the base and leave the destination wide open. With a growing cast of players bringing fresh new arrangements of sound, Nate and Sput brought in some friends, further altering the end game. Raja Kassis, Prudence the Auset Sneed, Kamasi Washington, Brandon ‘Taz’ Neiderauer, Nigel Hall, Bob Lanzetti, Alvin Ford Jr, Jay Jennings, Nick Werth, Bobby Ray Sparks, Phil Lassiter and many more added their incredible flourish to the album, rounding out a document that captures the entire Ghost-Note experience, tying everything together in the same way it evolved – as a family, as a multi-cultural band of humans that fully embraces the time they spend together and their common goal, complete with reflection on the times we live in. This is Ghost-Note.”


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