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Welcome to Fängeist #MusicMonday, an interactive curated list new albums, new EPs, new tracks, new videos…basically what we’re listening to at Fängeist that has been newly released. This weeks Music Monday Featured albums cross many different genres that include Electronic, Reggae, Country, Jazz and Rock. Check out new music from Yo La Tengo, Bill Frisell, Matador! Soul Sounds, Scotty McCreery, The Decemberists, Lin-Manuel & Ben Platt’s and a new video from Shinobi Ninja.

Get Ready album cover


Matador! Soul Sounds is a band loosely based on the concept of Spanish bullfighting. A common misconception in America is that bullfighting is a feat of one man versus one bull—in reality, bullfighting is largely a team effort by a matador and his cuadrilla.

Music IS album cover


More than 35 years into a career that’s flowed freely between many different genres like jazz, rock and Americana, Bill Frisell is almost genre unto himself. The guitarist’s signature blend of warmth and weirdness is on handsome display on his first solo album since 2000, which feels intimate, thanks to Frisell’s liberal use of loops.

yo la tengo album cover

YO LA TENGO “There’s a Riot Going On”

Sly and the Family Stone’s 1971 album of the same name was a full-on record, reacting to extraordinary times. Yo La Tengo’s 15th album, ‘There’s a Riot Going On’ offers sounds nothing like its namesake (to the surprise of precisely no one). It, too, is a reaction to tense times, but this album is written as a much calmer reaction, which is presented as such a mellow, easy-breezy album. Yo La Tengo’s new album from these indie-rockers darlings is sweet, lulling and ponderously thought-provoking. Moreover, this LP is one of their most stellar recent offerings.

Scotty McCreery Seasons Change album cover

SCOTTY McCREERY “Seasons Change”

Former American Idol Scottie McCreery has come a long way since his season ten win on the show. His new album Seasons Change which dropped on March 16 features songs that accentuate his deep voice and love of traditional country.


EARTHLESS “Black Heaven”

Earthless, who recently announced their Nuclear Blast debut, Black Heaven, is now sharing the album’s title track ahead of the band’s eagerly-anticipated North American tour. “Black Heaven” arrives this week via Nuclear Blast Records.

“A whirlwind ride through dark clouds and muddy waters, hi-energy sludge that rolls and heavy riffage that rocks,” is how drummer Mario Rubalcaba described “Black Heaven.” “Psychedelic sprinkles all over the place make me wanna turn this sucker up loud as hell only to howl at the heavens”

Bodhi Cheetahs Choice album cover

PRANA CRAFTER “Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice”

Prana Crafter’s Beyond Beyond is Beyond debut is an electric walk in the woods. “Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice” soars, rambles and flows through the heavy fog of psychedelia. The music of Prana Crafter is most easily tagged “acid folk” but such a reduction misses the electronic and avant-garde influences and synthesized meditations.  Will Sol stands ready with a new cassette release under the Prana Crafter banner for psychedelic wellspring Beyond Beyond is Beyond, and it is certainly an example of psych-folk at its finest.

ill be your girl album cover


The Decemberists do a very particular thing – self-conscious, literary-minded, darkly ornate and verbose prog-folk-rock – exceedingly well, so well that you can’t blame them for wanting to do branch out something else. They do just that on I’ll Be Your Girl, at least in parts, the upshot being, well, a re-affirmation of that particular thing they do exceedingly well.


savaks album cover
Savak - Cut-Ups
Mildlife album cover
Phase - Midlife
We are Shining Stars by Funky Destination
We are Shining Stars - Funky Destination
Cavern of Anti-Matter album cover
Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Hormone Lemonade
Myths 003 album cover
Dungen & Woods - Myths 003
The Messthetics album cover
The Messthetics - The Messthetics
Toilet album cover
Clown Core - Hell
Found_Tonight - Single album cover
Lin-Manuel & Ben Platt's Single "Found Tonight" from 'Hamilton'

Featured Video

Shinobi Ninja is an American rock band from Brooklyn, New York. The band is known for high-energy performances and eclectic original sound, blending music genres like Rock, Hip-hop, Metal, Punk, Reggae, Funk and Electronic. They have two lead singers, Baby G who is a female and Doobie aka Duke Sims who is a male and plays guitar. This Brooklyn based band has been together since 2008. The band has been all over SWSX this past week and at the same time just launched their brand new video for their song “What If Times.”

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