Chris Charucki legendary Grateful Dead Roadie passes away unexpectedly

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Chris Charucki, a 25 year production, sound and tour manager within the Grateful Dead family, has passed away.

As explained by in a 2003 interview, Charucki first became connected to the Grateful Dead when he began working with them in 1993 through Ultra Sound. Since Jerry Garcia passed away in 1995, Charucki consistently continued working with the band’s various offshoots, including touring with RatDog, Furthur, Bob Weir, and Dead & Company.

I don’t usually do this but I am going to share a personal story about the last time I saw Chris Charucki a month ago in Orlando on the Dead & Company tour.

“Charucki was my friend. He always gave me the stack of set lists to give out after the show. He always knew when I was there and found me at the end to give them to me. He knew I owned an Internet company and that I would fairly give out the coveted set list copies to the diehard fans always waiting for them on the rail after the show and always tell the lucky fans who got them to make sure to let EVERYONE who asked to get a picture of them and make sure that they posted them on social media. I would say I have 200 or more individual set lists from Ratdog, Furthur, Bob Weir’s Blue Mountain Band and Dead & Company from my many years touring with the band.

I went to the Orlando Dead & Company show last month unexpectedly. Sadly, my brother passed away in January tragically and unexpectedly. I had to clean out his house in Tampa one of the days Dead & Company was in Orlando just 90 miles away. I was/am still in mourning so I didnt get very close to the front which is where I usually stand so I guess he didn’t see me or think to look for me randomly in Orlando. I saw him walk out with a cane (from a recent hip replacement) and give the stack to some other person. I saw this but I still waited on the rail…I couldn’t catch his eye. I just stood there. The security tried to kick me out and Chris looks up and sees this from the stage and yells “Wait. Let her stay.” Since he was on a cane it took quite a few minutes but I waited there and he brought me Bob’s original setlist with the gaffer tape still on it and said to me “I’m so sorry about your brother Amy.” How he knew about this…I don’t know. Charucki gave me one of his big bear hugs he was known for and then ambled away on his cane always conscious of doing the job he did so well for so long.”

Rest in peace, Charucki. You will be so missed by every person in the Grateful Dead community. Sleep in the Stars my friend ♡.

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