Live Daily Stream Schedule Monday June 25

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Monday June 25, Live stream concerts include, “2018 Bowdoin International Music Festival”, “George Porter Jr. Trio”, “Dave Wakeling of English Beat” , “Mike Montrey Band” and “Danças Ocultas”.

Watch or listen to live music streams from artists and bands that include Eddie Taylor Jr, Gretchen Peters / Muddy Ruckus, Erin Rae, Craig Campbell, Steve Earle’s Camp Copperhead, Courtney Marie Andrews, Petal, C.F. Bailey & Shadow Ridge, Ari Hoenig Trio, Brothers United, Moonalice and Jonathan Michel Group.

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10:30-4 PM EST
2018 Bowdoin International Music Festival

12:00 pm ET
Gretchen Peters / Muddy Ruckus from Knoxville, TN

1:30 pm ET
Dave Wakeling of English Beat Live From #DJMagHQ

2:30 pm ET
Mike Montrey Band from Relix

2:30 pm ET
Craig Campbell from Paste Music & Daytrotter
Audio only

3:00 pm ET
Steve Earle’s Camp Copperhead from Big Indian, NY

3:30 pm ET
Souad Massi OFFICIEL. & Kiran Alhuwalia from KEXP

4:30 pm ET
Courtney Marie Andrews from Daytrotter Venue from New York, NY

5:00 pm ET

6:00 pm ET
Danças Ocultas from The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

6:30 pm ET
C.F. Bailey & Shadow Ridge from Knoxville, TN

7:00 pm ET
Gretchen Peters/ Marty Brown from Lexington, KY

6:00 pm CT
Eddie Taylor Jr from Chicago, IL

7:30 pm ET
Ari Hoenig Trio from Smalls Jazz Club New York, NY

10:00 pm ET
Brothers United from Delray Beach, FL

9:00 pm CT
Jimmy Burns Hosts The Jam Buddy Guy’s Legends from Chicago, IL

7:00 pm PT
Moonalice from San Francisco, CA

10:30 pm ET
Jonathan Michel Group from Smalls Jazz Club New York, NY

10:00 pm CT
George Porter Jr. Trio from Maple Leaf Bar NOLA, LA

1:00 pm ET
After-hours Jam from Smalls Jazz Club New York, NY

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