Live Stream Schedule: Sunday Apr. 8,2018

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Sunday April 8, Live Streams from Skull & Roses Festival, WinterWonderGrass Festival Tahoe and Barlow’s Graduation. Live streams from bands and artists that include Nicholas Barron from The Nth Power, Sacha Perry Trio, Golden Gate Wingmen, Kitchen Dwellers,Tardo Hammer Trio and more..

Watch & Listen

10:00 am ET
House of Haynes w/Rich Granaas

The House of Haynes with Rich Granaas

12 pm CT
Nicholas Barron from The Nth Power from Chicago, IL

11:15 am PT
The Voidz from Ventura, CA
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2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT
Grateful Dead Hour

4:30 pm ET
Sacha Perry Trio from New York, NY

2:00 pm PT
WinterWonderGrass Tahoe Festival from Olympic Valley, CA

5:30 pm ET
Dave Jordan and The NIA from Key West, FL

2:30 pm PT
Golden Gate Wingmen from Ventura, CA

3:30 pm PT
Stories & Songs ft. Phil Lesh w/ Scott Law, Sharon Gilchrist & Ross James

6:00 pm ET
Sticks+Bars Youth Marimba Ensemble from Washington, DC

5:00 pm CT
Sunday Night Jazz Party from Chicago, IL

3:15, 5:00 & 7:00 pm PT
Kitchen Dwellers from Olympic Valley, CA

5:00 pm PT
Barlow’s Graduation from The Fillmore, S.F, CA

7:00 pm eT
Possible stream from USA

7:30 pm ET
Crazy Fingers from Delray Beach, FL

7:30 pm ET
Tardo Hammer Trio from New York, NY

7:30 pm ET
Dead Air from Middleton, CT

5:00 pm PT
The Noodles from Phoenix, AZ

10:30 pm ET
Ken Fowser Group from New York, NY

9:30 pm CT
Carlos Showers from Chicago, IL

7:30 pm ET
Midnight North w/Scott Law from TXR

7:30 pm PT
Massive McGregor from Laguna Beach, CA

9:30 pm PT
Fruition w/Lil Smokies from Olympic Valley, CA

1:00 am ET
Jon Beshay After-hours from New York, NY

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