Live Stream Schedule: Wednesday Apr. 25, 2018

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Wednesday Apr. 24, Live Streams feature bands and artists that include Trout Steak Revival, Marieme, Andy Wescott Band, Normani Kordei, Dr. Dog, John Paul Keith, Eddie Taylor Jr and Kitchen Dwellers.

Watch & Listen

12:00 pm ET
Native Harrow / Szlachetka from from Knoxville, TN

9:am pm CT
Houston Funk Summit Radio and Podcast from Houston, TX

12:00 pm CT
Anthony Moser from Chicago, IL

2:30 pm ET
Trout Steak Revival from New York, NY

4:30 pm ET
Marieme from New York, NY

5:30 pm ET
Andy Wescott Band from Key West, FL

6:00 pm ET
Leonard Bernstein ‘Tap & Rap’ Tribute from Washington, DC

6:00 pm ET
Dr. Dog from Paste Studios New York, NY

7:00 pm ET
The Ike Willis Project featuring Micki Free from Daryl’s House Club Pawling,NY

7:00 pm ET
John Paul Keith from Knoxville, TN

6:00 pm CT
Eddie Taylor Jr from Chicago, IL

8:00 pm ET
The Grateful Dead Hour from Spindale, NC

8:00 pm ET
Kitchen Dwellers from St Louis, MO

8:00 pm ET
WQSU Grateful Dead from Spindale, NC

7:30 pm CT
Fruition from Del Valle, TX

9:00 pm ET
Andy Wescott Band from Key West, FL

9:00 pm ET
Dead Air from Spindale, NC

10:00 pm PT
iHeartRadio iHeartCountry album release party with Keith Urban from iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles

10:00 pm ET
Twiddle from Asheville, NC

9:30 pm CT/7:30 pm PT
Voodoo CCR from St. Louis, MO

9:30 pm CT/7:30 pm PT
Altered Five Blues Band from Chicago, IL

8:00 pm PT
Stu Allen & Mars Hotel from Berkeley, CA

8:00 pm PT
Shawn Jones from Laguna Beach, CA

8:00 pm PT
Dead To The World from Berkeley, CA

2:00 am ET
TURBO DRIVE Das Mortal from DNA Lounge SF, CA

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