T.I. Taps Dave Chappelle To Be The Voice Inside his Head on New Album

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It’s been 4 years since rapper T.I. released a new album and to the delight of hip hop fans everywhere, he’s just teased that his 10th studio album Dime Trap LP featuring comedian Dave Chappelle, will be ‘Coming Freakishly Soon’.

In a video T.I. recently posted on Instagram, Dave Chappelle narrates over the sounds of a swirling organ riff “All my life all I wanted to do was be great. If the stakes are everything, you’ll tell yourself anything you need to hear to survive, everything I say is the truth and that’s a lie”

The caption for the post states: “I present to you…album X The Dime Trap Feat. Dave Chappelle as the voice in my head. The wait is almost over. Coming Freakishly Soon!!!!”

Check out the video below.

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